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Company has been established and incorporated in 2015. It is headquartered in Bangalore. IVR Desk deals with B2B clients mainly. Clientele ranges from individuals to SMBs to large enterprises. IVR Services deals with clients from all business verticals for example education, hospitality, medical, govt, advertising etc.

The company has been successful through its innovative marketing strategies via print media, radio, TV, etc. This has helped the company to receive significant number of business enquiries every day. Hence, they required a solution to intelligently route calls to the particular department in the enterprise to reduce the hassle of managing numerous calls each day.

Vrusha Online offered its flagship product – IVR Desk solution to help the company manage its customers call flow without any delay. By selecting the preferred extension, the support IVR solutions helps clients to directly connect with the right department in the enterprise.

Success Factor:

Here's how IVR Services can help your business do better:

  • Choose your number with custom welcome greetings
  • Route calls intelligently
  • Greet in different languages
  • Real-time analysis for your business
  • Go-mobile with IVR Desk app
  • Call recordings and logs deliver quality audits
  • Multi-agent access for your executives

IVR Desk helps connect different departments in the organization including sales, technical and product based.

IVR Desk helps double the productivity of its customer service team, which now resolves 80% of customer service cases on the first interaction. This leads to happier customers and more productive agents, who can handle a larger case volume.

Most small businesses don't have the luxury of hiring employees whose sole responsibility is to answer phones all day. Whether it's to route calls to the proper person or department or answer simple questions, handling customer calls can be a large undertaking for a business. To help keep employees focused on their own work — and not talking on the phone all day — many small businesses are turning to Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems.

By automating the call process, IVR systems allow customers to serve themselves. IVR technology uses touch-tone or speech-recognition programs to answer customer questions, handle their requests or point them in the right direction. This is all done without the need for the customer to speak directly with an employee. While these systems were previously used only by large corporations fielding hundreds or thousands of calls a day, many small businesses are now seeing the benefit of employing IVR systems in their own operations.

With IVR desk, one can automate routine transactions and capture and analyze customer data. IVR solution allows businesses to send customers appointment reminders, shipment notifications, account activations, surveys, refills and reorders and closing announcements. The IVR Software supports both automated speech recognition and text-to-speech.

IVR Desk missed-call solution promises a similar experience to all its customers. This has reduced the burden on their support team and made the process smoother. With the missed-call numbers being promoted across, their team successfully receives more than 100 leads per day. Here are few advantages of our solution:

  • Never miss a call & get more business leads
  • Increase customer engagement,
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Track & analyze ROI through analytics and business health indicators

After implementing the solution in one region and seeing success, the client plans to expand across India.

IVR Desk provides the company with a single telephone number. When a user calls on this number, he/she was greeted professionally, ("Welcome, please wait while we connect") and routed to the right agent. If the call was made after the office hours, the caller was encouraged to leave a voicemail through a pre-recorded script. If the call couldn't be answered by an agent, an SMS was sent requesting the caller to call during the office hours or send an email.

IVR Desk helps the company give enhanced customer experience, brings greater efficiency internally and allows responding to every single call, no matter when it was made.

One can make use of the most of our virtual call center solutions to build a strong brand identity and establish healthy customer relationships, all at once!