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Become an IVR desk partner to help companies provide a great overall customer experience and build relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive.

IVR Desk helps improving the relationships between companies and their customers. As an IVR Desk Partner, you will connect to a new set of opportunities, take advantage of resources that will help you build your expertise, and grow your business.

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Referral Partner: It empowers Consultants, integrators and IT professionals focused on customer engagement to help their clients better understand their customers.


    Help your clients develop more meaningful relationships with their customers by referring them to IVR desk.


    Your employees can add new customer engagement skills by taking advantage of our training curriculum.

  • GROW

    Earn referral fees for telling us about opportunities. We manage the sales process; you focus on your strengths.

    We're looking for partners who share our vision, culture, and passion for customer service to work together to improve customer relationships. Join us by applying online and recommending IVR desk to your clients.

Solution Provider: Customer engagement experts that resell IVR desk, manage complex implementations, design custom experiences, and offer an array of other services.


    Connect your clients to their end customers and help them develop relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive.


    Build a practice that takes advantage of investments you've already made in leading CRM, eCommerce, and Analytics platforms.

  • GROW

    Grow your business by reselling licenses, designing custom experiences, and delivering implementation and data migration services.

Business Service Provider

Outsourcers and Business Process as a Service provider leverage IVR desk to offer innovative customer engagement solutions.

Our success depends on your success. Our success is dependent upon partnering with leading customer service and HR BPOs, IT outsourcers, Business Process as a Service providers, and ecommerce providers. We know that no two outsourcers are alike, so we've developed a program that provides flexible pricing and allows you to increase or decrease your license usage as needed.

The program also offers priority support that meets the unique requirements of outsourcing and the Service Level Agreements you have in place with your clients. There are two levels - Authorized and Premier. Premier partners earn higher discounts and are eligible for incentives in exchange for their increased level of investment in training and support capabilities. Both levels have access to marketing funds, complimentary online training, and access to IVR desk Partner Connect.

To participate in the Business Service Provider program, you agree to manage customer billing, engage in joint business planning, and complete the training and enablement requirements.

Overall total cost of ownership will dramatically decrease with IVR desk. Our simple interface will reduce agent training times, average hold times will decrease, first call resolution rates will improve, and your customers will enjoy improved levels of customer service. On-going costs to administer the system, make system changes, and create reports will also decrease. And you will find that licensing fees and implementation costs are lower than the competition.

If you are interested in partnering with us to differentiate your solution—but not ready to meet the program requirements—you should consider starting with one of our Referral programs. We manage the sales process; you earn generous fees for referring opportunities to us.