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Five technologies that will transform customer service in five years Date : 07/06/2016

New technologies are creating compelling experiences that have the potential to build loyalty- and revenue-generating opportunities into customer service but, businesses need to start preparing now, according to a new report.

The report, Plan Now For Customer Service in 2021, looks at technologies such augmented reality, two-video and messaging applications that are expected to transform customer care in the near future. Customers are increasingly driving new service experiences – such as social customer service and SMS customer service – and savvy businesses should start exploring now next-generation technologies such as two-way video, augmented and virtual reality, virtual assistants, messaging and connected devices.

Emerging technologies can drive the types of customer service experiences that better cement customer loyalty as well as advance new revenue-generating opportunities.

IVR Desk Unveiled New Solutions, Integrations and Features to Empower Customer-Centric Businesses Date : 22/07/2016

IVR Desk, the world's leading cloud based telephony provider, unveiled several new products and features that make it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers in real-time across any channel. These new features are designed to empower customer-centric businesses to take steps to rethink and reshape the customer experience.

IVR desk believes that the most successful companies invest heavily in making their customers happy. To that end, IVR desk sees real-time communication as the best way to create personalized, effortless and ultimately satisfying customer experiences. These features represent a significant enhancement to IVR desk's product, by dramatically expanding the channels through which businesses can connect with their customers.