K-Broadcast Reach out to masses through automated voice and text messages
Reach out to masses with automated text and voice messages.

Make the most of our outbound phone campaign solution – K-Broadcast to reach out to masses through automated voice and text messages, for a successful campaign run. This solution has extended its benefits to carry out various functions like drive elections, confirm cash-on-delivery orders, collect research feedback, spread awareness, educate weaker sections of society and much more.

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During the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, our technology powered election campaigns for MPs across the country. As part of the campaign, MPs circulated phone numbers to which voters can call and listen to the manifesto.


A Cash-on-Delivery (CoD) model involves cost. How do you confirm that the phone number and address given to you are valid? or your customer hasn't changed his mind? An automated call on the given number that prompts order confirmation over IVR, is a great way to do this.